With Mabel, nothing gets lost in translation

Enabling instant communication, safeguarding sensitive data

Mabel is an accessible high-quality mobile app tool for real-time translation, that enables secure conversations across language barriers using in-device AI.

How Mabel Works

The app is intended to be available on the health care provider’s mobile devices. All AI and functionality stays in the phone and no internet connection is needed. Nothing leaves the phone, or the room.

1. Speech to text

The health care provider starts the session in the app by just talking. The app captures the voice and converts it into text using machine learning.

1. Speech to text

2. Translated text to speech

The text is sent to machine translation which generates the translation to your target language instantly. The text can now be played as speech in the target language.

2. Translated text to speech

3. Conversation supported

The app take the inverse path when it’s the patient’s turn and seamlessly supports the conversation cross language barriers.

3. Conversation supported

4. Send or wipe out

The whole patient/HCP session is available as a transcript and can be sent directly to the Electronic Patient Journal system over a secure connection. No trace of the conversation will be left on the phone, securing full confidentiality.

4. Send or wipe out

We train and validate our speech models by taking medical terminologies and sentences and introducing a lot of background noises, such as crowds, hospital corridors, people speaking a different language, and even artillery fire (the solution is intended to be used in Ukraine).

Our Story

When our co-founder Karolina started working as a doctor in the emergency room 15 years ago, she quickly realized the problem of language barriers in health care and the need for instant and secure interpretation.

She saw how the shortage and lack of training of interpreters led to miscommunication and how delays in waiting for interpreters risked patients’ lives.

Together with her husband Shahid, with a long career in software development, they started to think about how to use modern technology without compromising confidentiality.

Partnership with a purpose

We are grateful for the skilled partners that trust and support Mabel. These partnerships allow us to deliver on our mission and purpose to enable accessible and safe medical translations on a global scale.

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