Bringing modern technology into healthcare.

Mabel is the result of the fusion of medical insights and tech innovation. It is born from a shared passion to transform healthcare communication for everyone.

Our history

When our co-founder Karolina started working as a doctor in the emergency room 15 years ago, she quickly realized the problem of language barriers in health care and the need for instant and secure interpretation.

She saw how the shortage and lack of training of interpreters led to miscommunication and how delays in waiting for interpreters risked patients’ lives.

Together with her husband, Shahid, with a long career in software development, they started to think about how to use modern technology without compromising confidentiality.

Our motivation

Swift Communication Revolution

Break barriers instantly.

Confidential Care Guardian

Privacy in every word.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Care without borders.

Tech-Driven Life Transformation

Innovate for impact.

Ready to experience seamless healthcare communication with Mabel?

Break down language barriers instantly, prioritize confidentiality, and transform the way you connect with patients. Join us in revolutionizing healthcare communication. Get started now!”

Our team

At Mabel, we welcome the diversity of locations, perspectives, and experiences. Curiosity, dedication, and kindness make our team great and help us create a fantastic solution.

Karolina Sjöberg Jabbar


Specialist physician, an alumna of Sahlgrenska Academy, and a research affiliate with Harvard/MIT, I bring a wealth of expertise to address language-related healthcare disparities. With a relentless ambition, I am dedicated to transforming healthcare communication.

Shahid Jabbar


A software engineer by training with a PhD in AI. Technical co-founder and CTO of Albert AB. Spent the last two years in Boston as Director of Engineering at an MIT startup leading it through the FDA submission of a computer-vision-based software medical device (dental care).

Yana Ryabchun

Computational Linguist / Machine Learning Engineer

Marina Delatorre, PhD

Data Engineer

Tibisay Ulloa

Product Designer - Graphic Designer

Sarab Youssef

Machine Learning Engineer

Rafaela Wessling Oening

Front-end Developer

Tesfu Tekleab Hailu

Back-end Developer

Kai Wiederhold

Strategy Consultant




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